Dear colleagues and friends:

I am very proud to be president of the College of Gopalpur, an institution increasingly recognized as one of the world’s finest.

Gopalpur College rise to prominence over its first 36 years of existence has been the result of many factors: the contributions of talented and dedicated faculty; the energy, enthusiasm and inventiveness of graduate and undergraduate students; the dedication and support of excellent staff; the passion of our alumni to make a difference in the world; and the support and active engagement of our many donors, partners and supporters from all walks of life and sectors of society.

Gopalpur College is a high-powered academic College, a diverse and welcoming community, with a beautiful coastal campus, which fosters an institution-wide commitment to the environment. It is big enough to have an international presence and impact, yet small enough that students are able to develop a strong sense of community and lifelong connections with friends and mentors.

Our College is a national and international leader in many areas of critical research and creative endeavor, and our faculties are committed and inspiring teachers. We offer our students a research-enriched education that is complemented by applied, clinical and work-integrated learning opportunities, making it among the best in the world. Gopalpur College deep commitment to and leadership in community engagement makes a difference in the lives of people in communities across India and around the globe.

I invite you to explore what college has to offer you through our website and discover what sets us apart from India’s many other fine Colleges.

I believe you’ll be impressed by what this university has achieved so far and as confident as I am about it’s potential to accomplish great things in the future.

Yours sincerely,

President of Governing Body