Dear ALL

The look of a garden depends largely on the quality of trees that are planted and the flowers they bear. It also depends on the type of care the gardener takes of the trees. When the quality of the trees is good and the gardener takes proper care of them, they will bear beautiful flowers and the garden will also look aesthetically beautiful. I do believe that every college is like a garden, where the students are the flowers and the teachers are its gardeners.

Gopalpur college is also a small but a beautiful garden where thousands of students in the shape of trees are nurtured and groomed well every year by a team of dedicated and committed facilities who give their best ever efforts for building a bright and shiny career for them. And, it is my proud privilege to be the chief gardener of this exotic garden. I welcome you all to the website of this garden and extend my hearty thanks to you for taking time out and visiting it. The website showcases a pool of information that the college is offering for the students. I hope you enjoyed your visit to this site and expect you to return back to it regularly for checking out the latest news about the college.

About this college, I would say that this is one of the best colleges ever established in this part of the state by private initiatives. Nestled on the lap of the Bay of Bengal and surrounded by a picturesque atmosphere, this college was established way back in 1982 with just six students in the intermediate arts. But in due course of time, it has grown in stature and expanded its strength and capacity in every area. The college is now offering education in arts, science and commerce, both in the higher secondary and degree levels with honours facilities, to around 2500 students coming from in and around Gopalpur, an ancient port town and a tourist place of international repute, well connected with Berhampur City by road communication. The college has all the basic facilities for the students that are barely required for pursuing their studies, and is continuously in an endeavour to find out new opportunities to improve on it. Our motto has always been the holistic development of students so that they can grow in confidence to face the challenging world when they leave the college after successful completion of studies. The whole team of the college is working towards fulfilling this end. I personally extend my hearty thanks to all my staff for the way they are working for the students and hope they would continue with their efforts in the same spirit in future too. I also thank the students and parents for giving their support to the college for bringing it to the present stage.