Rules & Regulations

1. The students should attend their classes according to the Time Table and no student should remain outside the classroom in the college when his/her class is engaged.
2. Spitting on the walls, blackboards, pillars or doors of the college is strictly prohibited.
3. The students are forbidden from loitering in the corridor when they have no class to attend. They may remain either in the Library or in the Common Room.
4. The students should use the Lavatories for the purpose of meeting the calls of nature.
5. Cycles must be padlocked and kept in the cycle stand provided.
6. The students are warned not to handle articles which are not their own property.
7. Tampering with the electrical connections, lights, fans, gas, taps, water taps etc. of the college is strictly prohibited.
8. A student misbehaving in the classroom or in the College Campus or at any time of the college meeting or in the college grounds during matches of sports is liable to be punished with a fine or expulsion or both.
9. The students are forbidden to smoke cigarettes, pans, wines or any other injurious articles in either the classroom or the college or in the library or in the college office. Disobeying the rules is severely punishable with a fine or expulsion or both vide G.O.L No. 12457 Dt. 25 April 1989 from Chief Secretary Odisha.
10. Misbehavior of a college student outside the college premises shall also be regarded as breach of college discipline.
11. The students should have their identity cards in their possession during college hours and at the time of college functions and while appearing at examinations.
12. The students attending political meeting should so conduct themselves as not to bring them into undesirable prominence and they must not take active part in the proceedings.
13. The students should invariably attend in queue while waiting near the college counters for depositing their tuition fees or for any other purpose.
14. The students are advised to meet the principal only during the prescribed hours of interview. They should not ordinarily enter the office without prior permission.
15. No club or society be started or maintained in the college and no function should be organized without the approval of the Principal.
16.Concerted absence without leave for the one day or more on the part of a student is a serious breach of the college discipline.
17. Students must abide by such hygienic principles and submit themselves to such anti-epidemic procedures as would be laid down by the principal.
18. Students found eve-teasing, passing comments to girl students or teachers will be expelled from the college. Students parking cycles on the corridors shall be penalized.
19. It is the duty of the students to see that their class room is maintained clean and the teaching table/chair is well set before the teacher enters the classroom.
20. Students should attend their classes and other activities of college along with examinations in college uniform dress as directed by Govt. of Odisha Higher Education Department from the academic session 2005-2006, falling which they shall not be allowed to sit in both the classrooms and examination halls.


The students after taking admission in this college must abide by the Dress code. The Principal, staff and the students of this college have selected the following colours of the dress for the Boys and the Girls, respectively.
For +2
BOYS: Navy Blue Pant, Light Green Check Full Shirt.
GIRLS: Light Green Check Top with Navy Blue Pant and Chunny.
For +3
BOYS: Brown Colour with Small Check Shirt, Dark Green Pant.
GIRLS: Brown Colour Check Top with Dark Green Pant and Chunny.

21. The students are strictly advised not to bring their cell phones to the classrooms and Examination halls. If at all they bring such phones to meet personal emergency, they must switch off the same while inside the classroom. Ringing of such phones in and around the classroom reported shall be penalized as breach of college discipline.