A smart classroom is a classroom that has an instructor equipped with computer and audio-visual equipment, allowing the instructor to teach using a wide variety of media. These include smart interactive white board, DVD’s, PPT’s and more, all displayed through a data projector. Smart class is a digital initiative of EDUCOMP, which is rapidly transforming the way teachers teach and students learn. With the help of school curriculum, smart classes bring in technology right next to the blackboard for teachers in the classroom. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for the students while improving their overall academic performance in College
Quality education is an essential requisite in today’s competitive environment. Technology has affected us in every aspect. This paper discusses the smart classes as a modernized method of education in Indian education scenario which provides quality education to students by helping them in better concept formation, concept elaboration, improvement in reading skills and academic achievement.

Teachers can also create their own smart tests and use them in the class for assessment. For this purpose, a test authority tool has been added to the smart class assessment application. Students are equipped with a hand held remote answering device that now forms a part of their pencil box. At home, smart class system works as a virtual school, where parents, teachers and students can communicate with each other. Teachers can upload assignments and make important information available for parents to view.

In the modern era there is hardly anyone who can keep away from the mainstream technology. English speaker’s smart class is the first of this kind making use of 21st century’s technical revolution in education by digitalizing classrooms as the real substitute for traditional classrooms. As a part of linking language with technology smart classroom helps students to set up activity room for English to acquire accent and fluency. It minimizes the work of teacher. Along with the software, books, audio visual equipment furniture and trainer some activities to increase speaking skills can be arranged. This helps to have interaction. In an audio visual room of this sort learning is in a new environment enjoyable and sometimes funny without formal textbooks. There is no need of expertise to handle a smart class, but a teacher with even less knowledge can do it profitably as the handbook supplied along with it guides and eases teaching. Finally, the smart classroom is not simply meant for English alone but can be a classroom for teaching other subjects too.


Introduction of concept in a thrilling and exciting manner.
A student’s better engagement with the content on a smart board is dynamic and visually more appealing.
Storage of teachers written notes.
Voice recording is possible.
Teaching skills can be enhanced by showing various videos to the students.